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“Satvatove 3 is an amazing experience!”
Satvatove 3 December 2011, Switzerland

“The course enabled me to clearly see what obstacles I am bringing into my life, and gave me a variety of tools to empower myself to live an authentic life, and choose the experiences. I appreciated the variety of ways to immerse myself in the course, and practice the skills with mind, body and soul. I felt challenged to step out of my limited perceptions and assumptions, and I felt compassionately guided by David, Nitai and Scott. The experience allowed me to see the common goodness and sincere appreciation of participants, and gave me a safe space to give up a false sense of being alienated from fellow humans. I recovered my sense of trusting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Satvatove Foundational Seminar – San Diego 2011

“Satvatove 3 is comprised of awesome exercises, deep spiritual truths, and tools to create mental peace. I got immense value from this course. Much of what I have gained from it is a progression of aspects of myself which I have been fostering for some time. I feel I now have the most established and tangible sense of peace with myself and gratitude for my lot, that I have ever had. Since the Satvatove 3 course, life has brought me a couple of disturbances, things which before would have bothered me for some time; and I found I was able to completely move on from these and return to happiness, gratitude and peace, very quickly. It is as if my innate being has become set in a higher level of awareness and appreciation.”
Satvatove 3 – Gainesville 2011

“I found the Satvatove 3-Day Foundational Course to be one of the most positive and empowering experiences in my life. I cannot put a price or real words to the value of welcoming the core principles of the Satvatove Institute into my life and I deeply thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously.
Sincerely, Brad”
October Foundational – Gainesville, 2011

“I really enjoyed the Satvatove Foundational Course. I found myself at various times inspired, awed, moved and transformed. Sometimes I felt all of those emotions at the same time. I walk away from this building (to start the “actual seminar”) a lighter, clearer, more engaged person. I feel very privileged to have met the 14 participants and to have had the opportunity to learn and be inspired by the founder of this program, David Wolf. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful process.”
Rima Devitt
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“Right now, I have to say I feel like I need a hot bath and a good cry! This weekend has been incredible and not always happy happy. I was shown a lot about my character, my rackets, and lack of backbone and it wasn’t always pretty, but I appreciate the mirror. This is why I came- to face my junkyard of broken agreements, get rid of my defensive armour and dance in the field of heavenly abundance! I have made a few commitments that I know I will keep, one being deepening relationships and the other, my career path that I have been procrastinating on for months. From now on, my Be-Do-Have is I am happy, creating consciousness-raising events, and have a full, meaningful, amazing life! Much love, Lisa”
Lisa Archibald
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“I have come to so many realizations through this course- I will try to list the more profound. I have been struggling with stress in my life for what seems like always, and most recently have been trying to find some way to combat it besides ulcer medication. When David suggested stress was nothing more than a crutch- to help stave off others increasing the demands on my time, also that it may be a way to deal with and feel important in life- it was like someone turned on a light- I now have a handle on how to deal with it and eventually I will overcome it, sooner rather than later. ……The second realization was how I had been holding on to a broken promise and anger- I believe now thanks to this course I will not only be a better communicator but also a better person. Thank you!”
Lani Irvine
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“Thankful! I am so very thankful and appreciative that I came to the Satvatove Seminar this weekend! It seems some (a few) realizations have slapped me hard across the face! I’m aware there are more to come and I am afraid and excited at the same time. In various processes I realized false perceptions of myself, society, organized religion, and family. Through these three days I dropped so much resentment that I wasn’t even aware I was carrying. I am excited to take the Foundational Course again! Thank you so very much for showing me the tools and demonstrating how to use them!”
Kyla Rutley
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

The opportunity to realize my true nature sits before me. Sometimes I feel scared or stressed, yet the opportunity to grow beckons – saying, if you want it, here it is, here you are – NOW.

“I had several personal realizations throughout the course but there is one in particular I care to share. I came into the course with what I thought was an open mind but which in fact was full of skepticism. By giving me the space to be angry with you, I was able to confront my own limiting beliefs that I have used as a protection mechanism. I feel that the confronting of these beliefs in the class is part of the necessary process by which I will be able to make deeper and fuller connections with others. Thank you.”
Ian Pidgeon
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“Most involving and transformational course I have ever taken. I realized how much magnificent capacity I have to express myself in a myriad of ways. Also I realized how connected I feel, to myself and others, when I truly choose to be open in my communication with others. I feel enlivened and realize at the core of my being that I can choose to connect to my essence. I have breathed into the possibility of being in a life of love and importance. I see how lack of unconditional self love has been stopping me and I have connected to loving myself and expressing myself unconditionally in this course. …..I also realize the power of the spoken work and the commitments we make to ourselves.”
Justin Bishop
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“My realizations are so many. To start, I have the power to let go anything that has caused me any damage in my life. I created my lie and everything that happens in it. I’ve realized that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I am capable of forgiving, and I am more than willing to do it. …I have realized that I can connect and communicate with everyone I know in a deep way….I’ve realized that if I am, then I do and then I have. Nothing can keep me from being happy, successful, safe, reliable, trustworthy….I’ve realized that I can keep my promises to myself and that will make me stronger and my confidence levels will go up…I’ve realized that warmth, empathy and genuineness are more important than any degrees I have.”
Gabriela Touma
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“David had the ‘sight’ to see into an aspect of a disowned part of myself and confronted me on it, helping me to realize something that I had cast into my shadow. David also, through his astuteness, tuned into how I was using transcendental ideas to deflect painful realities for myself. The way I see it is that David handed me a pin and helped me to see the inflated spiritual ego bubble I had wrapped myself in and then presented me with the opportunity to pop the bubble. This occurred in a demonstration to the group where he used empathic listening and mirrored back to me my own emotions and words. It was life-changing to see this divide between the spiritual ideals that I want to govern my experience and where I’m at. It was very valuable to see where I am at in several ways on my healing journey. I also now see myself as competent to communicate with people in emotionally heightened or distressed states, which I didn’t prior to the course. Profoundly life changing!”
Eugena Rempel-Witten
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“It was a wonderful course. The content was enlightening, the exercises inspiring. I have done similar work in group therapy sessions but the careful scaffolding of exercises, the clean and concise explanations, the examples, each step of the seminar is so well conceived that I felt I was able, in 3 days, to surpass the 3 years of progress in other contexts…..this course helped me move beyond a plateau I’d been on for a while. Thank you.”
Chris Taylor
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“‎3 days, over 32 hours… the biggest thing I’ve done for myself and those I care about in years. I walked into the Satvatove Foundational course with uncertainty, now I’m inspired and rejuvenated in every area of my life!! If you’re an individual, a couple, if you don’t constantly feel joy and fulfilment throughout your day, if you want more meaningful relationships, if you want to understand why you don’t feel inspired, connected and confident in every area of your life… consider the Satvatove programs. Don’t settle for your mediocrity and fear, for normal, for what you think is reality.”
Moishe Groger
Foundational Seminar – February 2012, Florida

“…I have identified areas of my life where I must give greater attention- communication, pulling weeds, being sattvic = BEING…….I experienced transformation- FOR SURE and I am totally stoked to do it beyond this wonderful intentional community….I have found greater stillness, gentleness and preciseness in my communication….I am no longer afraid to feel my pain…I have seen my own light again…I want to experience profound connection with others and with my own spirit….Thank you, David. I was and am inspired by your skilled teaching, inspired techniques and your quiet radiance. Your smile is wonderful!”
Shannon Reilly-Yael
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“I just came back from the first Satvatove 3 in Europe Switzerland. It was beautiful- no words to describe it!”
Satvatove 3 ~ December 2011, Switzerland

“Satvatove 3 is a beautiful experience, one that I wish for everyone to get a chance to experience. It is a proof that God exists, that Spirit exists, that we are Spirit, that life force is within us, waiting to unfold itself, urging us to sing and dance through life, eager to spill itself out and create a joyful experience of life.”
By Annette
December 2011, Switzerland

“My experience in the Satvatove Advanced course was extraordinary. I came to see how I give and take energy leading to my empowerment and disempowerment. Thank you.”
Advanced Course – July 2011, Florida

“I learned so much about myself through my experiences in the Satvatove Advanced course. I was able to look deeply and honestly at the deep, dark places that have been causing me to live my life in fear. I connected with sadness, trauma and anger. I had insights about my feelings and actions that I hadn’t been aware of before. I was able to accept who I am and what I feel – to accept and forgive myself. I am incredibly grateful for Satvatove for essentially helping me to find a new invigoration for life.”
Lisa Remy ~ Licensed Massage Therapist
Advanced Course – July 2011, Florida

“In the Advanced Course I authentically connected with acceptance and surrender. I created a strong foundation from which I can really grow.”
Patrick Mangum
Advanced Course – July 2011, Florida

“Through Satvatove I have developed the connection with my heart once again. I had previously lived years inside my head analyzing and interpreting my feelings, thoughts and desires. I am now able to feel, accept and be with my feelings, and acknowledge what is true in my heart.”
Alea Wise
Advanced Course – July 2011, Florida

“My experience at the Satvatove Foundational Seminar this weekend was profound. I became aware that spiritual concepts can actually become a box in which ego can hide. David helped me open this box and find more baggage located inside. I decided from then on to approach the weekend from a human perspective instead of from a spiritually knowledgeable perspective which in turn opened up more doors than expected. Insights are too many to write. The course is extremely effective. Thank you.”
Ryan MacDonald
Edmonton Foundational – November, 2011

“I have received more insight and clarity into myself and who I am. I feel more grounded and confident to speak my truth in any situation. I have acquired the communication skills I have only dreamt of for so long. There is a richness and depth in my personal life that is without price. I feel more open-hearted and less fearful to speak what’s on my mind. “
Caroline Rolman
Foundational Course – Oct 2011, Florida

“Satvatove workshops have led to some of my life’s most important discoveries and decisions.”

In the processes of transformative communication and personal development, it is important to aim our efforts at the ultimate goal of human life, namely, spiritual growth and understanding.

“…got so so so much out of the exercises I was present and willing to participate in….an experience I would gladly recommend to anyone…This program will definitely blow some minds, and hearts!!”
Ayaaz Kassam
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“Realisations were very numerous. To keep things brief, I was not helping myself or the people I love. I was not a very good community member, and I found that out very quickly. This is a good beginning, and I am very grateful I even took these small baby steps towards being a better wife, daughter, mother, friend. I fully expect and hope to take this experience into the rest of my life- all the good and the bad. It will change the tone of all my future interactions for the better and for that I am deeply grateful.”
Noemi- Writer/Journalist
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“Really amazed at how the various exercises brought the group to such a stage of trust and awareness in such short time. An energy and support base that encouraged a vulnerability very rarely experienced. 10/10. Thank you David, Antoine and Tim!”
Pete Wardell- Real Estate Agent
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“I appreciated greatly the concise use of language and how effectively repetition was used to stress important info! Overall, I fully participated in the course because of the integrity and sacred space that was held throughout…”
Nancy Adilman
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“Powerful experience! I found it very productive to find out who I am as a person and clear out many of the blocks I am experiencing in my life. I feel like I have some very useful tools now and a real experience of how to apply transformational communication. I’ve never taken a course quite like this before and I was hesitant to take this one, but very glad I did!”
Travis- Hypnotherapist and Coach
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“The pain is gone from my head. I think clearly, see and hear clearly. I listen before I speak. I hear! Thank God, I Hear. Thank you! God Bless You!”
Ruth Hanus- Career and Employment Consultant
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“I got practical realization of empathic listening. I also got an experience of the power of my heart and spiritual life.”
Abhi Wolf- After-school Counselor
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“I appreciated the structure of the course and David’s ability to be present … I also appreciated David’s approach and unassuming manner. It was good to be reflected in the different exercises. The exercises were very powerful, and I am applying the principles in my life.”
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“I have taken all of the Satvatove courses, been involved in a Life Mastery Program, and am also attending the Life Apprentiship program in the fall. Of all the courses, Satvatove 3 was the most impactful for me. I feel that I walked away from that course a totally different human being with a whole new perspective on life. I was finally able to grasp the true concept of what taking full responsibility for my life meant. I was finally able to detach from my expectations that I held for certain loved ones in my life. I was able to look upon a situation and clearly detach the emotion from the reality of what was going on and then clearly and responsibly choose how I am going to react. Now, I live in higher state of ‘God consciousness’ and remembering how I co create everything in my life. I am fully responsible for the results in my life. I highly recommend this course to everyone I know. I want to take it again. It integrates much of the knowledge from the other courses, but it still impacted me tremendously beyond what I ever thought. It was a beautiful gift to my soul, my emotional well being, and it has helped my life in every single area. I encourage you also to give yourself this gift.”
Mia Johnson
Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living – June, 2011

“Satvatove 3 has inspired me in ways that I did not know were possible. I have been involved with Satvatove programs for several years and am now building my own client base. Satvatove 3 has given me a huge boost in my effectiveness as a coach and facilitator. I am truly astounded with the value I received taking this course. During the course I touched a part of myself that brings so much more to my life. I am a richer and wiser person with deeper compassion.
If you are hesitating or questioning if Satvatove 3 is for you because you have ‘done’ the other courses then I invite you to take a step into the unknown and experience the dance of life. Because in my experience you won’t be disappointed.”
Alex Moy
Satvatove 3: An Adventure In Conscious Living – June 2011

“Great tools and techniques for both my professional and personal life…Very organized and professional…Very empowering, real, honest, simple…a profound look at myself and healing for myself…Much gratitude!”
Rebecca Reeves
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“I went into Satvatove 3 full of anger and rage in regards to a personal situation in my life. This was an issue I had been struggling with for months. Within 3 days it had completely gone and I no longer carry the burden of that hate, it literally vanished overnight. I am now friends with the person again and we now laugh and smile together.”
Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living – June 2011

“I appreciate how each dyad and exercise incrementally builds clarity and intimacy. A profound safeness was created that allowed for uninhibited sharing. With profound gratitude and love”
Terry Syvenky- Facilitator
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“It was a great experience. I thank you. I will use and practice these skills which will transform my life.”
Patty Dupont
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“Thank you for this experience! It allowed me and my brother to face our business in a clear and conscious way. It allowed me to be a witness and to be witnessed in a sacred space… It helped me to find my voice and to deepen my relationships to strangers and old friends. It strengthened my confidence in being able to face any challenge or obstacle. I began to touch the truth of what empowerment means. I learned about the power of keeping agreements… I realized that I am my only obstacle to true self-exploration… Thank you for all that you have given me.”
Sheniz Kassam
Edmonton Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“Of all the events I’ve attended, this has been the most nourishing experience for my mind, soul, and connection. This was profoundly moving, engaging and truly transformative.”
Brent Francis- Entrepreneur
Edmonton Satvatove Foundational Seminar– May 2011

“The course was awesome and I loved it!”
Ernestina Malheiro- Internet Marketing
Edmonton Foundational Seminar – May 2011

“I am grateful to David Wolf for his honest work, well designed, and motivated by only one thing, the well being of others. I have a picture in my mind of a teacher that teaches you to fly with your own wings and once you are ready, happily encourages you to continue to fly on your own, in your own space, on your own way. Thank you very much.”

“This course has been for me an unforgettable experience. I really loved it. I was impressed by the joyful and serious atmosphere. Some persons that I think I know since 15 or 20 years or more and I discovered them anew as there was no more barriers of false identification. I saw many participants endeavoring to reveal themselves with simplicity. That’s it. This course is helping us to develop that spiritual quality, simplicity. Thank you from the core of my heart.”

“The Foundational Seminar, for me, this time was both humbling and very enriching. I feel I could take it ten times and continue to benefit every time. This has helped me feel stronger and more rooted in my path. The more I use and commit to this communication, awareness , and accountability practice ; the more connected I feel to myself. For this amazing gift, I wish to share my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your work and the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank You”
Mariah – Foundational Seminar- Florida, March 2011

“The first thing I would like to say is that I have attended personal growth and transformational seminars all over the country for the last thirteen years of life and nothing has touched me so deeply or assisted me so quickly in discovering deeply embedded patterns and also offering the tools or ‘the way out’…thanks for changing my life. I have never encountered anything like Satvatove before. How powerful. Thank you.”
Kylie Devi
Foundational Seminar – Florida March 2011

“Thank you and your staff members for leading us through this seminar very successfully. I felt really cared for and it was done professionally but it didn’t interfere with the feeling that you are doing this seminar as a service to all of us. This seminar is the best start and foundation for future good communication and relationships even with God. Thank you”

“This course has expanded my ability to express myself and truly helped me uncover why I am so valuable. I can listen with full intention of hearing in a place that suspends judgements and allows people to be comfortable … I have and continue to make many realizations in my life that are continually helping me connect with who I truly am.”
Jessica T.

“My experience of the Advanced Seminar was, to say the least, life changing. I am extremely grateful to David for putting the seminar experience together, because it impacted my life in such a remarkable way… I feel much more in integrity with myself, and everyone around me, and it’s a great feeling.”
Devan Borsboom

“Thank you very much for having this seminar. It was a dynamic change in my way of thinking, in my realisation, and in my dealings with friends and family. Although my English is very poor still these processes that I learned in the seminar dynamically worked for my wife and me. Now I have strength to keep my promise and am conscious of myself being sat cit ananda”

“I experienced the empowering David Wolf at a T. Harv Eker seminar last year, and I’m a totally changed person as a result. I bought his book and my communications with family and friends has been transformed… Thank God for you and personal growth. You’ve changed my life!”
Hugo Ljung

“Enlightening! I don’t recall having so much positiveness – nothing is impossible any more. I went through some hard moments and sometimes felt angry at David. But when the exercise was done, my heart flooded with gratefulness … I commit to not turning back to my old habits of self-denial and negativity. From the core of my heart, from my guts – thank you.”
Rose Chavet

“Thank you very much to all the staff, and especially to David, for helping me to see and unlock sides of myself I had not been aware of. This was truly a life-enriching experience for me and I’m very excited to go deeper, look deeper, relate deeper in a truer genuine way. I feel I have some very brilliant tools to help me in many aspects of my life and the life of others.”

“It’s very beautiful to see how you take every person seriously and how you create an atmosphere of love and power, or better – how you teach us to create this atmosphere. I realised that I lose nothing when I take a person seriously. No! I win…”

“This course has given me incredibly powerful tools which will help me make transformational changes in my life and to enable me to connect more deeply with my patients.”
Philip Weeks – Naturopath, Herbalist, Acupuncturist

“There are not words to express my thankfulness. Taking the advanced seminar has made an amazing change in me. I feel awake and aware of myself; even if it is dark, I see hope. I feel open to challenge and ready to fight. I appreciate so very much your kindness and support. I feel more connected. I am very thankful for all of you. I feel I’m back from under the rug. I feel rescued and ready to face the future.”

“I came to the Advanced Seminar knowing something was missing in my life – and left knowing what it was: ME! Satvatove allowed me to clear space for mySELF, and experience the wonder, power and peace of my own being. I am glad to say that I underestimated Satvatove – being who I am now is thanks to my courage and the facilitators expertise.
Thank you.”
Narottama Tester
Advanced seminar – Florida November 2010

“The key realization, which was a theme to the rest of my realizations and experience, was my understanding of self-worth. In the seminar I was able to get all I wanted just by being myself. I was able to find a new-found confidence and trust that allowed me to be more accepting of situations and of how I handle those situations. This new feeling of acceptance allows me to feel more at peace and that is something I’ve been struggling to find for a while – until NOW!”
Lindsay Morris
Advanced Seminar – Florida November 2010

“The Advanced Seminar helped me learn how to take responsibility for everything I do and how to build relationships that will last forever. It opened me up to myself in such a way that made me realize that I was living/experiencing life only at 50%. Now I am choosing to live my life 100%.”
Advanced seminar – Florida November 2010

“I am so grateful for the opportunity Satvatove provided me to connect with my true authentic self. The self realizations that have occurred have been so powerful and I feel my life has transformed. I will choose to embrace the awareness I have gained and to go further into my own self growth forever. Life is awesome.”
Erica Miller
Advanced seminar – Florida November 2010

“Thank you again for designing the Satvatove Advanced course. It really allowed me to get in touch with myself. Allowing me to communicate and understand others around me in a far deeper and richer way. I have already used some of the tools in my communication with my partner and understand where she is coming from and what she is saying.”

“It has catalyzed my being more the master and source of my experience: what I might call the freedom and creativity arising from taking responsibility for my life… I felt empowered and encouraged, respectfully, lovingly and firmly, to go beyond where I’d been; to be the leader I want to be; the creator and master of my own results… The name of the seminar, “An Adventure in Conscious Living”, suits it to the “T”. I got new tools – and experiences of applying them – that will serve me the rest of my life!”
David Aycrigg
Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living – September 2010

“I realized that some people view me as not being fully present all the time, which is kind of true, but I didn’t know that I was revealing that to people. I also realized that I definitely have a long way to go to where I want to be, but I’m ready for the journey. I learned a lot about communication and the things possible. I also realized that I have a good head on my shoulders and that I can go places with my life that I haven’t even imagined possible. A process on the second day of the seminar was awesome and I realized that I sometimes let other people lead me down the path I don’t want to go.”
Dattatreya Knighten
Foundational Seminar – October 2010, N Florida

“This seminar exceeded all of my expectations and I left feeling complete, peaceful, fully satisfied and deeply connected to myself and my eternal relationship with God. I experienced resisting in the beginning, and through that experience, finding my grounded self and where I really stand. My overall experience was one of watering my creeper of divine devotion and nurturing my soul deeply. I noticed that many subtle weeds were removed without even putting energy towards them. I left with a newfound urgency to live my life on purpose.”
Govinda Syer
Satvatove 3: An Adventure in Conscious Living – September 2010

“In this course I realized many things about myself that I was keeping deep inside, or that I know but didn’t really want to face or name. I mostly learned about my “dark side”, the things that I couldn’t be proud to say I have, I learned about my deepest fears, and where they are really coming from. I learned about my desires in life, my hopes and my dreams. I also learned how to look at life from the positive side and how much the thoughts I have or the way I see things influence the way my life will manifest, turn out to be. I learned that I am a pure, powerful, beautiful person who has full power and control over her life and there is nothing and nobody to fear.”

“I really appreciated the very practical skills that were taught about empathic listening, communication skills and building effective relationships. Normally I don’t like emotional processing. However I was able to get in touch with deep emotions during the broken promises exercise. This was quite a turning point for me… It is the first time I have come across such a universal programme that works for both people on a spiritual quest and also corporate managers.”
From Jane

“To retake the Foundational Seminar was an extremely valuable experience for me and I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. I didn’t think it would be such a deep and meaningful experience I could have in only three days… I feel that in the processes I went through I could really leave many doubts about myself behind and fully accept myself where I am at…”
Simone Bischofberger-Maier

“I have begun a journey now that will embrace me a lifetime – it does not point any fingers, it does not depend on others, it does not blame me either, it only shows me what I am doing and what I am not doing. What gives and what takes away! I am doing the math now!
Thank you David and Marie”
Sheryl – Foundational, Edmonton 2010

“The experience of taking Satvatove for the second time has been very valuable beyond my expectation. It is helping me to put things in place with an inner strength and resolute that I did not realize I had. Thank you.”
Wayne Lapidez
Foundational Seminar – July 2010

“I experienced the Satvatove 3 course as very powerful. I was able to connect with subtle blocks I didn’t even recognize were keeping me from connecting with God and living on purpose. I left the course fully aware and connected to the areas of my life that I need to focus on and the blocks that are holding me back. Since the course ended I’ve experienced more awareness, connectedness and meaning in my actions and interactions. It was an invaluable course that came at the perfect time!”
Jennifer Thomas
Satvatove 3 – September 2010

“The workshop was brilliantly designed so that it was perfect for my self-development and spiritual realization. The rich, vital experience was filled with blessings and resulted in lasting changes. Through it I am learning about living as a distinction… has been the most powerful experience I have had so far. During the thrill-filled four days, I found the “1” that makes the string of zeros valuable. In the process of finding the “1”, I also let go of baggage that I thought would be forever with me… My heart feels open, at last, with a tremendous new sense of peace, calm, and acceptance of myself and others that I have not known before.”
Marie Brazis – Satvatove 3 September 2010

“… With each process I felt closer and closer to my soul, the ultimate divine power and my life purpose in connection with that. I am still amazed at the height of blissful spiritual experiences some participants had. At first I thought, this is the height of spiritual experience, it cannot get better, but quickly realised there is no limit to such spiritual experiences…”
Satvatove 3 – Florida Sept 2010

“It was beyond my expectations. Very nice supportive staff. David is a brilliant workshop leader and he created an amazing workshop. I am thankful for all the transformative processes.”
Brian Batmann
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

I experienced what a conscious world looks and feels like and I am more confident about a conscious world happening now rather than some day in the distant future. For me, the Satvatove 3rd Level Course is a uniquely powerful vehicle for conscious living and being happy and free for no particular reason.
Lacey Nagy
Satvatove 3: The Power Of Conscious Living
Alachua, Florida, September 2010

“Satvatove 3 gave me the opportunity to experience myself living consciously moment-to-moment. I saw myself with fresh new eyes and I began the journey of discovering what it means to be me as a distinctly unique person. I experienced a sense of community that honoured the individuality of each person. I realised how nourishing and soul-enriching relationships could be when each person is real, genuine, and courageously themselves. Somewhere deep inside me the lights have come on and I feel purposeful and clear.”
Satvatove 3 – September 2010

“Because of the Advanced Seminar, I feel like I‘ve opened a whole new doorway into my life. So many previous negative patterns are obvious to me now, and I feel like my power to create my life and live from conscious choice are obvious too. Life has so much more joy for me than it ever has.”
Maria Carter
Advanced seminar – Florida July 2010

“Thank you eternally for your guidance and association. This class has been a re-awakening moment and inspiration to be who I wish to be and wish to accomplish. I have all what it takes and you have allowed me to confirm it with my consciousness and heart.”
Grace Pampo
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

“In 6 days the Satvatove Advanced Seminar Experience liberated me in a way years of therapy would never be able to. I can only describe my experience under the loving and inspirational eyes of Dr. David Wolf and Marie Glasheen as an awakening from inhibitions and self limiting beliefs and a journey into a solid sense of joy and self-love that I hadn’t felt in 18 years.”
Advanced seminar – Florida July 2010

“It was beyond my expectations and imagination. The experience was deep and healing. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself and my growth. David and Marie knew exactly what I needed during the seminar. I highly recommend Satvatove Advanced Seminar to anyone who is committed to their self growth and creating the life that they want.”
Rev. Mary Madeline Day
Divine Life Coach ~ EFT Practitioner

“Satvatove allowed me to get back in touch with myself. It unlocked some deeper truths that I had buried very deep. I am no longer sleepwalking through life. Things that seemed hard before are now easier. I am not stumbling in the dark, instead I am now walking with eyes open. I encourage everyone to give themselves this gift. It’s repeatable science, it works.”
From Joel
Advanced Seminar Experience 2010

“I was helped to recognize some of my patterns and given tools to identify others. The workshop allowed me to look within and really own my strengths and personal power. For that alone it was worth attending.
I also learned that I value deep and meaningful connections to people, and am able to reach out and connect with authenticity.”
Narottama Tester
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

“This Foundational course will provide the foundation in my life for excellent communication and success in all avenues, material and spiritual. I am very grateful to David, Marie, and all of the staff for this wonderful seminar. Thank you all of you.”
Wayne Lapidez
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

I feel alive, happy, and brand new after having completed the course. I have reconnected with so many long hidden qualities such as assertiveness and self confidence. I am definitely feeling empowered to speak out and let my voice be heard. I have turned self hatred into self love. My commitment to maintaining my spiritual practices has deepened and for this I am most grateful.
Enid Sacasa – Teacher
Advanced seminar – Florida July 2010

“Thank you so much, David and Marie, for another transformational experience. I had such a moving, impactful weekend, and I treasure the insights I gained. My second time round, I gained even more personal growth than the first.”
Maria Carter – musician and writer
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

“Wonderful to reconnect with the enlivening, empowering, magnificent energy that is the Satvatove Experience. Thank you David and Marie for all the hard work you’ve done through the years to get this seminar to where it is and what it is now.
I got much more out of this than I did the previous two times – and that’s saying a lot.
I truly value your association, and I’m indebted to you both.”
Wayne Watt
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

“This has been a truly invaluable experience. The quality of your attention and your education is beautiful and powerful. Thank you for helping me uncover my personal value and room for growth, and for hold me accountable for my self realisation. I am very grateful for your clarity, and your intention. The love in the room abounds and I thank you for that.”
Christina Garcia
Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010

“Got me in touch with core issues of which I was unaware were controlling me. This was sobering and I gained practical tools to help me deal with these challenges.”
Bernadette Nykiel – Teacher

” I have been through a dramatic transformation emotionally and mentally. I think of how often a mis-communication has caused problems in my life that could be avoided or even dissolved entirely if there was clear and concise communication.”
Peter Sessler- Car Sale Rep.

“… On a personal level, I thank you again for the depth and carefully delivered transformational opportunity you offered, I felt quite ready and grateful for it, and know that it has already and will continue to make a difference in my life.
Blessings and I hope we meet again.”
Denise Barack- Kripalu

“… So, Satvatove it is a profound and amazing experience for me. And it was intense but not not in my expected difficulties to overcome etc, but in the wow – this is life, and I want to live with this intensity for anything else would be a waste…”
Clare Russell- England

My experience of the Satvatove programs is that it penetrates to the level of the soul helping cut through the conditioning that blocked me from experiencing the real immense joy of connecting with my soul’s original constitution.
Brajarani Batt- England

I first discovered Satvatove Seminars when my daughter sponsored an event in our home town. After participating in that event I knew I still had some emotional baggage which was triggered by ongoing patterns in my life that needed changing, especially with close family members. I knew this but had not been able to ‘figure it out’! It was too personal. So I enrolled in the Advanced Seminar held in Florida.
Seonaid Brailey- Toronto, CANADA

“I especially appreciated the very relevant discussions on assuming responsibility for one’s relationships… Your compassionate motives and personal empathic skills were very inspiring. Thank you for a very effective and pertinent course…”
Guy Paquette – writer

“This training provided me the opportunity to learn skills that will enable me to help others, and to gain many spiritual realizations. And most importantly, through this seminar I’ve become empowered to change that part of me that I would like to change.”
Dr Arun Vibha – physician

“I truly enjoyed the personal transformation life skills workshop. What really enforced the concepts were the role-playing and the games. The experience I felt while putting into practice what I learned is something I can draw on. I know these skills will only serve to enhance my work with my clients and my relationships with my family. Thank you.”
Norma Rivera BSW – Social Worker

“I thought that this course was very valuable. I learned skills I will apply in my personal and professional life. It was very helpful the way the class was set up – when we learned a skill we immediately applied it so as ‘to use and not lose’. I was amazed at how quickly we were able to penetrate and get to the real issues… On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 10+.”
Sandra Elsey – English Teacher

“I feel greatly benefited from taking the course and feel confident that the effect will begin to snowball as I continue practicing what I’ve learned. In particular, I feel an increased awareness of how to communicate more effectively and how to be a real helper to another person. Besides all the helpful skills I learned and increased awareness I experienced, I had a lot of fun! The loving mood of our group and our growing experiences together made me wish it would never end. Keep teaching the course!”
Diane Consbruck, Homemaker

“I so relish the taste of mastery and excellence that permeated the course… I love poetry. The course stimulated poetry-in-motion – i.e. all styles, lengths, meters, euphony, cacophony – produced interesting and diverse strains of music, planting seeds of remembrance of who and what we truly are and the potential we all possess for reclaiming our divinity.”
Debra Sue Lynn

“… After the seminar, I feel more aware of who I am, more conscious of the way I behave, of the way I interact with others, and less in need of pretending something about me in order to get approval from others.”
Jahnava Devi Rico – teacher / student
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

“During and upon completing the Advanced Seminar Experience, I found that it was possible to feel completely free from the anxiety, confusion and pain that was a constant part of my life before. I may not always be free from it now, but I know that it’s possible, and that brings hope, positivity, and the power to reconnect with that soaring feeling of the true me – without any covering.”
Madhava Smullen – writer

“… the personal growth that I received from the seminar has been rewarding. I have a new sense of strength with my voice. I feel I have the ability to become more clear, confident and connected with the relationships I want to improve on.”
Stephanie Faust – dental assistant
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

“Satvatove was a super-cleanse. David and Marie create a space where it was okay indeed encouraged to just be myself. Such a relief to simply be accepted and encouraged no matter what was brewing inside me.”
Vrinda Devi Sheth – dancer, artist and artistic director
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

“ “Living as the soul”. That realisation has been the most powerful for me, having taken the Satvatove Advanced Seminar. Throughout my life, I have heard that we are spiritual beings, not of this mundane body and mind. That our material experiences are due to the mind and ego, but that the goal is to transcend these things and live as the soul.”
Visvambhar Sheth – musician
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

“… In the course I really plugged into my true, genuine being, and the courage and self-respect to express myself and BE myself, whatever that may be. It’s still a work in progress, but I know now that I have the tools and experiences necessary to keep that going in my life. Thanks Satvatove.”
Manjari Smullen – massage therapist
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

“I enjoyed the course. It exceeded my expectations in all ways. There was a mixture of lectures, brain-stimulating activities, and group interactions… I found the whole process made me so much more aware. Not only did you present knowledge on specific skills, but you also gave knowledge that improves and empowers our overall state of consciousness. I feel totally rejuvenated because of that… I will definitely recommend this course to others.”
Kar Delaney, College Student

“I found that the course was a very valuable experience. I feel I benefited greatly. Communication with my children has already improved dramatically. My limited perspective has also become apparent as well as the means to broaden it.”
David Musterer

I sincerely appreciate all you did. What I learned helped me center, prepare myself to do this beautiful thing. You pointed me in a direction to find many things not only to finish, but that will serve me well in this life.
Jeanie Akamanti

I was able to listen to one of your radio shows with Marie and you interacting with a caller. I feel more relaxed after the listen. And now I know how to access it, which is another great feeling. Thanks for the link.
Francois Joly

“The course has given me invaluable tools for dramatically increasing the quality of my life. I can openly and honestly say that it is the best course I have ever taken. The facilitation created such an incredible atmosphere required for transformation to take place. It seemed like you knew exactly where everyone was coming from, where they needed to go, and how to get there.”
Psychology Student
Combined Course 2002

“Marie! Loved the energy you brought to the course! I was surprised what came up for me today, and last night, and I am interested in what will come from the introspection it inspires!…”
From Jenessa Paige
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

* I am renewed, transformed, and thankful. The Satvatove in me greets + thanks the Satvatove in you.
From Natalie Marie Saltmarsh
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

“Good experience, with lots of applicability for my product management and coaching work. . .”
From Gudrun Fischer
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

“I got the validation that I can listen (sometimes!). This has lifted my spirit in ways that will continue to expand with time. Marie is amazing in her heartfelt intention to truly share this transformative practice to as many as possible…
From Jasha DiDomenico (Schurger)
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

“I wish I had taken this 40 years ago. It will change my life and connect me to my family.”
From Sue Smith
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

“Taking the Foundational after the Advanced Course was like taking a completely different course than the first Foundational experience. I have undergone a rapid transformation since the Foundational and approached this Foundation with a completely different consciousness and was able to gain just as much if not more this time than last time. I was able to be a sponge this time, taking in as much as I could.”
From Patrick Magnum
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

“Deep and inspirational experience. I created breakthroughs. Truly enjoyed it.”
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

The Foundational experience was truly amazing…It was an unfolding process that brought me a new comfort and sense of peace which came from a higher place. . .
Stan Rousonelos

This course has awakened potential within me I forgot I had. I want more! I would recommend it to everyone!
From William McLeod
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

The life you want is attainable through this. I walked in here thinking that I had been duped into paying for a fake motivational course. I am walking out with a newfound look on life- A new paradigm that never existed for me before. My confidence and trust in myself is soaring.
From Stephanie Panico
Satvatove, Foundational Course, January 2010
Gainesville, Florida

I have never seen it’s equal and I have studied with the best, with the inventors or those who studied with the inventors of processes from rebirthing to EST, Gestalt, Rolfing, Somatics, kundalini yoga, and other psychomeditative processes. I have found your work to take people to just the right places. I am impressed to see all that I have studied come alive in such a concentrated and devotional form.
Ananda Goldstein-Damerla
BA Psych, M Ed. (Master of Education)

“The Satvatove Advanced Seminar opened new dimensions of myself to me. I am now able to do things I thought to be impossible before. I got some great tools for communication and relationships. I realized that I have much unused potential in myself, which I am now going to apply in my life.”
S. K. Boehm

“Satvatove was the best decision I’ve made in 2009 and it’s not my habit to make poor decisions. Since that weekend and because of what I learned about Kyle, I’m now closer with friends & I communicate in all aspects of my life (business, family, friends, dating) with much more assertiveness and understanding.”
Kyle McNeil
Satvatove, Foundational Course, March 2009,
Edmonton, AB, Canada

I’ve had two main careers and several other ‘jobs’ in my 51 years. Taken a plethora of courses in self-help and improvement. Grown spiritually, emotionally and mentally. NOTHING compares or comes close to this experience as a catalyst for personal growth. This 3-day course is intensive as advertised, and very well organized. Marie and staff, thank you for what you do and most of all- sharing who you are.
Elizabeth Haage
Satvatove Foundational Course, July 2009
Gainesville, FL, USA


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