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Maximize Performance and Facilitate Excellence

As top athletes use coaches to maximize performance, coaching is a potent tool to facilitate excellence in our life. Satvatove’s experienced life coaches guide you to accomplish the extraordinary results you desire. Life coaching provides a structure that enables participants to steadily progress toward their goals, in career, relationships, health, and all areas of endeavor. With the support and challenge of your life coach you will intensify the momentum for significant change in your life.

Experience Profound and Practical Transformation

Through life coaching identify and overcome blocks preventing you from genuine fulfillment and great achievement. If you are not satisfied for the next five years of your life to look like the previous five years, participate in Satvatove’s life coaching program and experience profound and practical transformation.

Invest in your Personal and Professional Development Through Satvatove’s Personal Life Coaching Program

“While being coached by David and Marie I increased my sales by 245% in the first month, and my relationships with family, friends and customers became immensely deeper and more fulfilling. I now have confidence to tackle tasks that I have put aside for a long time. I am energized and driven by my goals and vision. This coaching is the best investment that I have ever made.”


Sales Professional

Create New, Effective Life Habits

Through life coaching create new, effective life habits, replacing unsuccessful strategies from the past. Satvatove staff will take a stand for you in these 45-minute coaching sessions. We will fully support and challenge you to achieve what you have declared you are committed to accomplish.

Satvatove has a variety of life coaching packages, all of which include facility for email correspondence with your coach.

Attending Satvatove’s courses and life coaching with Marie have both been life-changing for me. The courses were a sudden jolt forwards; my sense of how much choice, freedom, responsibility and power I have in my life expanded hugely. Life coaching has made that realisation of growth and empowerment into a continuously unfolding process.

I really enjoy that we work to my own agenda, looking at whatever feels useful for me at the time. Our work ranges from the mundane (better eating habits, improved time management) through practical and emotional challenges (work-life balance, assertiveness, conflict resolution), to profound questions of who I am, how I want my life to be, and how best to get there.

Some life coaching sessions bring dramatic insights, others bring subtle shifts, but all take me to unexpected places. I see an aspect of my life with fresh eyes, and I have the chance to look again at how I want to be.

Jessica Kennedy

Accountant, England

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