Satvatove Institute is a Stimulating Environment for Personal and Professional Development

Through Satvatove’s programs thousands of people realize their vision of a life of integrity, abundance, and joy.

Experience Extraordinary Results

Persons dedicated to extraordinary experience and results participate in Satvatoveseminars and coaching, leadership and training programs. Satvatove’s enterprises combine intensive life skills training with profound personal transformation.

Full Accountability

Our conviction is that all persons are capable to handle their life with excellence. Personal accountability is a necessary ingredient for this fulfilling life. Satvatove is dedicated to personal and community improvement through its seminars, individual and group coaching, and other efforts.

Non-Profit Organization

Satvatove Institute is a non-profit corporation with headquarters in Alachua, Florida.

Coaches and Facilitators

davidDavid B. Wolf
– Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
– Personal Transformation Facilitator
– Life Skills Coach
– Writer / Researcher

Dr. David Wolf has been teaching transformative communication for more than thirty years. He has been featured as a communication expert on numerous media sources, including Fox News and CNN News. David developed the spiritually-based transformational programs of Satvatove Institute, which have become an emerging presence in the world of personal development. He has decades of experience in social and mental health services, including counselor training, children and family counseling, and medical social work. In 1998 he established the international child protection organization, The Association for the Protection of Children, and served as its Director for more than six years. David created the Vedic Personality Inventory, a personality assessment tool based on guna psychology, and has been widely published in top social science journals in fields such as child protection, speciesism, and the effects of meditation on mental health and life satisfaction. His doctoral dissertation included research on the effects of chanting ancient mantras on alleviating stress and depression, and increasing life satisfaction. Also, David is the founder of the Satvatove Institute School of Transformative Coaching, and is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Dr. Wolf has practiced bhakti-yoga since the early 1980s. He is the author of Relationships That Work: The Power of Conscious Living, How Transformative Communication Can Change Your Life.


marie-heleneMarie-Hélène Glasheen
– Personal Transformation Facilitator
– Life Skills Coach

Marie-Hélène worked with David in developing the seminars. Her special contribution is based on her 25 years of studying human nature and psychology. Marie-Hélène also brings her qualities of warmth, understanding, and non-judgmentalism. She is an intuitive healer and assists people in realizing the emotional, psychological, and physical reason for their lack of vitality and enthusiasm.

Years of counseling and life experiences blended with her intuitive nature guide clients to the heart of the matter. This enables them to come from a point of clarity about real issues and to be motivated to make needed changes for the life they desire. Marie-Hélène specializes in the mastery of awareness of limiting belief systems, which also encompasses the subconscious beliefs that sabotage you. The programs she works with have created positive, profound and permanent life changes for the participants.

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