AUGUST 9- 12, 2018

Each day we make choices, interact with others, and often resist reality because of the desire to make it different than it is.

Living consciously means choosing what we have and choosing what we do with it, without drama, flowing with creation as it is meant to be, without wasting energy paddling against the flow.

Choose My Beautiful Life

What if there were simple principles and processes that lead you to conscious living? A simple yet powerful step-by-step way (rather than an intangible concept) to surrender to your beautiful life, to take the rein as the creator of your experience, to optimize this precious life that is yours.

“As a direct result of Satvatove 3 I saw that I am the only one standing in my way. This deep realization catapulted my growth in such a way that I published my first book and quadrupled my income in the next 18 months.” – Kylie Devi

The Key For Meaningful Living

On some level we all ask ourselves

“What is the purpose of my life?”

You may have experienced much transformation and epiphanies in the Foundational and Advanced Courses. Still we find that it is a challenge to apply it all in one’s life as a congruent package with the thread that ties it all together.

By placing the one in front of the zeros, Satvatove 3 provides an experience of meaningful and purposeful living, where genuine distinct individuality brings about cohesive community.

“Compared to the previous courses, for me personally Satvatove 3 was less about my stuff, issues, baggage, etc., and more about learning to dearly embrace myself as a unique individual and the experience of my life as a human being here and now.” – Gary Weinkle

Enjoying the Journey

As a spirit soul having a human experience, we are meant to feel secure, trusting, alive, powerful and prosperous.

This is a mastery course, intense and internal, designed for those who want to dive into the core and experience the essence of the Satvatove Spirit, and live it everlastingly.

This program is for exceptionally motivated, daring and passionate participants.

Are you ready to dispel illusion and authentically experience your truth, to discard subtle masks and games you play with yourself, to stretch the envelope, to live with inspired vision and purpose?

“I have taken all of the Satvatove courses. Satvatove 3 was the most impactful for me. I feel that I walked away from that course a totally different human being with a whole new perspective on life. I was finally able to grasp the true concept of what taking full responsibility for my life meant. I was finally able to detach from my expectations that I held for certain loved ones in my life. I was able to look upon a situation and clearly detach the emotion from the reality of what was going on and then clearly and responsibly choose how I am going to respond. Now, I live in higher state of ‘God consciousness’ and remembering how I co-create everything in my life. I am fully responsible for the results in my life. I highly recommend this course to everyone I know. It was a beautiful gift to my soul, my emotional well being, and it has helped my life in every single area. I encourage you also to give yourself this gift.” – Mia Johnson

Our Favorite Course

Many, including David and Marie, hold Satvatove 3 as their favorite course, the cherry on top of the cake.

“Like many others, I too found Satvatove 3 to be my favorite transformation seminar! Realizations are still sinking in and I experience my relationship with my husband as 100% improved… Thank you again for creating such a powerful and conscious format for transformational work!” – Jenessa Paige

“Satvatove 3 is a beautiful experience, one that I wish for everyone to get a chance to experience. It is a proof that God exists, that Spirit exists, that we are Spirit, that life force is within us, waiting to unfold itself, urging us to sing and dance through life, eager to spill itself out and create a joyful experience of life.” – Annette Bonomo

Course Requirements:

Completion of the Foundational and Advanced Seminars

Course Information:
Date: AUGUST 9-12, 2018

Venue: Gainesville Retreat Center

Tuition: $950

Tuition includes: 4-day seminar, full room and board, and course materials.

“As a result of Satvatove 3 I am living in the now much more. I’m grateful for the experience, and how it has moved me to accept and love myself, and to live my real life, without much concern for the judgments of others. I have an awareness that I am a distinct person; one of many people becoming conscious.” – Tricia Sample

“Say Yes to Satvatove 3!” – Claire Russell



Regular Fee $950

Early Bird Tuition $750
(Regular Fee Starts March 1st)

Tuition $750
(3 Payments $257)

Tuition $750
(6 Payments of $132)