Approved by the International Coach
Federation (ICF) for 72 Hours of Life Coach Training

  • Are you ready for a thriving, on-purpose career helping others to self-actualize?
  • Do you have high levels of natural empathy?
  • Do you want a coach training program that is spiritually based?

The Satvatove Institute’s Coach Training Program has a proven track record of creating lasting change in the lives of both coaches and clients. The quality of the  courses, and the one-on-one attention you receive from David and Marie, and the group support is unparalleled.

“The personal development aspect of the Satvatove Transformative Coaching Training Program has moved me a few quantum leaps forward in my intra-personal, interpersonal and spiritual growth. And, because of the incredible coaching skills I gained from Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching, I’ve had the confidence to step up and establish my Life Coaching practice. Now I’m able to serve others with remarkable results doing something that is profoundly rewarding for me, and be well compensated financially for doing it.”
David Aycrigg- New Zealand

Why Satvatove?

There are HUNDREDS of coach training programs out there. But as far as we know, there is no other program combining transformative communication with personal development, rooted in ancient spiritual principles.

Aslo, we have more than 30 years of experience facilitating principles of transformational coaching in a variety of programs, including the internationally renowned Satvatove Foundational and Advanced Seminars. These programs have literally transformed thousands of lives in over a dozen countries. We would love for yours to be the next. And all of those you will serve.

The Satvatove Coach Training Program may be for you if you can say “yes” to one or more of the following:

  • You have an extraordinary desire to serve and make profound impact.
  • You want to be a powerful stand for transformation in your community.
  • You are already a “coach” to the people in your life and you want the training and credentials.
  • You are willing to be challenged and stretched in a supportive, loving environment of respect and accountability.
  • You want the freedom to take the courses from your laptop, while still having a high level of personal connection with the facilitators and other students.
  • You DO NOT want a generic program that can be completed in a few days with little effort on your part because you GENUINELY want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Graduates of our program are prepared to:

  • Empower others to create extraordinary results in all life areas (finance, career, relationships, spirituality, family)
  • Master techniques of Transformative Coaching
  • Realize principles of spiritual growth
  • Achieve excellence in communication
  • Train others in strategies of high-level relating
  • Be a professional Transformative Communication Coach

This life coach training consists of 36 2-hour classes. Classes include presentations on specific subject material, as well as instructor demonstrations, student practice coaching sessions, and interactive, participatory, and experiential exercises.

Also, between classes students will be expected to read assigned material and engage in coaching practice within specific frameworks explained by the instructors. This format gives the student powerful tools for profound intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness-raising, deep grasp of the principles of effective, transformative coaching, and mastery of the skills, strategies and techniques of the professional coach.

Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching is conducted by David B. Wolf, Ph.D., founder and developer of Transformative Communication, and Marie Glasheen. Both are leading experts in self-awareness facilitation, empathic listening and spiritual life coaching.

“The Satvatove Life Coach Program has been one of the most powerful, enriching and transformative experiences in my life. I started the course wanting to develop and expand my ability to serve others in their personal growth and healing. I got so much more than what I had envisioned or even bargained for! The service I wanted to give to others I found first for my own self through this program… I found the structure of the program to be very enlivening and empowering – within this structure I found enough framework to guide me alongside plenty of space to apply and integrate my own creativity and ideas. The content of the course was challenging, stretching and supportive. And lastly but definitely not least, the amount of care, support and nurturance I experienced throughout the program was a gift unsurpassed. All the energy and effort I put into the program I received a thousand-fold in return through unconditional support, constant care and compassionate challenge. I feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity this program and Satvatove has provided me with.”
– Fayenen Lathrenwen- Wales

Satvatove life coaches are systematic scientists as well as creative artists, expert in directing flow and evoking sublime qualities in people. Through intensive skill development exercises students in this program will equip themselves with technical proficiency to effectively coach individuals and groups. Also, through ongoing personal development the students of the Transformative Communication Model of Coaching continually refine and nourish themselves, enabling them to support and challenge people to fully manifest their capacities.

“By going through the Satvatove Life Coach Training I entered deeply into what I believe is our nature – we all have the potential to manifest qualities that contribute to making the world a better place, because those qualities are inside each of us. The coach training powerfully supported me to manifest the qualities I have inside and offer them to the world. The integration of grounded and powerful skill development on a foundation of genuine spiritual principles makes the Satvatove coaching process complete. The Transformative Communication approach to coaching and coach training offers unmatched support to anyone who is interested in excellent communication, clear relationships and personal growth. This has been a tremendous experience in establishing myself as a coaching professional.”
– Annette Bonomo- Switzerland


The next semester of Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching will begin on September 5th, 2018, with classes via internet on Wednesdays from 6-8 PM EST. This course will be offered in the form of 36 2-hour classes. You can enroll in the full 72-hour course, or the first 24-hour segment (12 2-hour teleclasses), or the first 2 segments (48 hours; 24 2-hour teleclasses).

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To experience Satvatove coaching, or for more information about the program, call for a 15 minute consultation- 386-418-8840



Complete the information below, and within 48 hours a Satvatove coach will contact you to schedule a complimentary session. In this session you get to explore and create awakening in any life area you choose. Also you can ask any questions you have about the Satvatove coach training.

This is a profoundly powerful coach training for developing your capacities as a stand for transformation and awakening for others, and for your own personal growth. Experience the potency of Satvatove coaching in your complimentary session!

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Satvatove Coach Training in German!

This training takes place in Switzerland. You will meet for in-person training sessions and skype sessions.

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