The Life Mastery Program (LMP)

The Life Mastery Program is a 4-6 month seminar that allows you to deeply integrate the principles and experiences from the previous courses into your daily life. The LMP brings every aspect of your realizations to life and supports you to create and implement new long-lasting habits, which are conducive to your achieving what you want in your life.

In the Life Mastery Program (LMP) we seek to create genuine community, meaning an environment where there is sharing at a deep level of honesty, and where conflicts are addressed, not avoided. Dealing with conflict utilizing the principles from the seminars, including, for example, effective communication skills, accountability and a win/win perspective, generates closeness and intimacy.

LMP groups commit to goals. Serving together to achieve these goals bonds the group. This bonding involves surfacing interpersonal and intrapersonal tensions and dealing with them.

Effective group work entails a dynamic interplay between process and task. To remain vital, groups and their members need to capably switch back and forth from process to task. Otherwise we may become entangled in process, or avoid process by overemphasizing, hiding behind, commitment to task.

As an LMP participant, you will get to:

Work on relationships that are dear to you.

Discover your power to act.

Value yourself in relationship.

Create new habits.

Give up unproductive habits.

Overcome fear.

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