Personal Development Seminars

Foundational Transformative Communication And Self-Empowerment Workshop (3-day intensive):

“I have attended personal development seminars all over the country for the last thirteen years, and nothing has touched me so deeply or assisted me so quickly in discovering deeply embedded patterns and also offering the tools or “the way out.” I feel that the intelligence that went behind developing the exercises in the exact sequence that they were presented is nothing short of ingenious. I was challenged beyond my comfort zones at times, but I felt really safe and supported by the environment that you create, and by the staff.

I appreciated learning about the roadblocks to communication, as well as the suicide prevention module. I am not exactly sure what all the elements are that create such an impactful experience compared to all the other personal development seminars I have attended, but I truly believe that attending this course has dramatically altered the course of my life, and that anyone can receive this benefit.” -Kylie Devi, Gainesville, FL



Obtain practical skills necessary for more meaningful relationships

Learn how to overcome roadblocks to effective communication

Use empathic listening

Study problem solving strategies

Feel empowered to take responsibility, and make/ keep commitments

Gain insights into your personality and the way you run your life


Course Summary / Description

The course teaches techniques to help participants make appropriate behavioral changes through more effective communication.

You will acquire listening tools as a basis for modules including interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, commitment, teamwork, and assertiveness.

Through participatory activities you will examine underlying assumptions by which you live your life. This will facilitate a shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others. You can then fully engage your potential and create results in career, spirituality, relationships, and all areas of human endeavor.

You will explore the effect of your interpersonal style and refine your communication and relationship skills.

This is a concentrated, powerful communication training, culminating in self-realization and satisfying relationships. This self-understanding will improve your communication at work, with family, and in all interactions.


“I have been in the marketing business for 20 years and I have attended many personal development seminars. Never have I experienced such depth and self-understanding as I did in the Satvatove seminars.” – Mark Steinegger, Sales Manager

“Three years after having attended the Satvatove personal development seminars, the insights I gained continue to inspire me. For the first time in my life, I have been able to create a solid long term vision for success in my marriage and in my professional life. The Satvatove seminars were a major factor that helped me find the clarity to know what I want in my life and the courage I need to achieve it. The Satvatove seminars were simultaneously one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.” – Antoine Palmer, Business Consultant

“By using the techniques I learned in the Satvatove personal development seminars I’m able to facilitate my clients to feel better understood, more relaxed, and more trusting and comfortable with me.” – Anna Kruszewska, Massage Therapist

“Dr. Wolf creates a profoundly safe environment in his personal development seminars. In that atmosphere I could explore my emotional needs and step out of my overly analytical approach to life. By rising above a narrow view of myself, I am now able to relate more meaningfully to loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances. David’s seminar is expertly organized, without a dull moment. The content allowed me to discover, face and begin the removal of patterns of behavior that have stifled my spontaneous spiritual process. Every attendee in my seminar was moved and awakened by this excellent experience.” – Bob Cohen, Geologist


“Thank you very much to all the staff, and especially to David, for helping me see and unlock sides of myself I had not been aware of. This was truly a life-enriching experience for me and I’m very excited to look deeper and relate in a truer genuine way.

I feel I have some very brilliant tools to help me in many aspects of my life and the life of others. So, my heartfelt gratitude.

“I look forward to attending more of Satvatove’s personal development seminars, like the Advanced Course, as soon as possible.” V.M.

“It was a fabulous experience last weekend to have the opportunity to participate in the Foundational Seminar with David Wolf, Marie Glasheen, and all the other wonderful people this work attracts. I have attended Satvatove’s personal development seminars in the past, and had no idea what to expect for the second go. The Foundational Seminar, for me, this time was both humbling and very enriching. I feel I could take it ten times and continue to benefit every time. This has helped me feel stronger and more rooted in my path. The more I use and commit to this communication, awareness, and accountability practice, the more connected I feel to myself. For this amazing gift, I wish to share my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your work and the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank You.” -Mariah R, Tallahassee, FL

The Foundational brings many great communication tools and life tools to help a person communicate at higher level. My experience of this first of three personal development seminars is that it truly helped me open myself to say and do what I really mean, not holding back, and expressing what is true for me in the moment I feel the need to. It also helped me communicate with people, where I am truly able to enter another person’s world and be there to hold space for a person. This course has expanded my ability to express myself and truly helped me uncover why I am so valuable. I had so many realizations and introspective outcomes participating in these personal development seminars that were rooted from my childhood, and my life, and they were discovered and uncovered, by my willingness to put myself in this course and know that I was going to get the most from it. –Jessica T.