Transformative Communication &
Self–Empowerment Experience

Switzerland, October 7-9, 2017

Spend An Unforgettable Weekend!
Focus On Your Personal Development,
Communication & Relationships

Developed & Facilitated By: David Wolf, Ph.D.

“Potential means you ain’t done it yet.

Darrell Royal

What You Get:

Power: Become the leader of your own life. Create what you have always wanted.

Skills: Communication. Relationships. Conflict Resolution. Team-Building. Simple Tools for all Life Circumstances.

Transformation: Personal. Interpersonal. Spiritual. Activate Your Highest Potential.

Community: Intimacy. Trust. Cooperation. Assertiveness. Carry the Skills into Your Life With Ongoing Support. Create change that lasts!

What would it mean for you to substantially improve your relationships, with yourself and others?

Take advantage of the unique opportunity of the Satvatove Foundational Seminar! This is a 3-day adventure in daring communication and bold exploration to interior frontiers.

Are you eager to experience life with increased fullness and inspiration?

How satisfied are you with your present life situation, and how willing are you to try something different?

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“This Satvatove seminar in Gainesville, Florida, just in my back yard, was better than any seminars I have taken in New York or LA. After taking it, I felt empowered, and did transform my relationships with my parents, my partner, and my colleagues at work. I am now able to create trust. I am now moving on with my life and I do not get caught up in the drama.”

– Helen Robert, Teacher

In this seminar you will experience an atmosphere of trust and security allowing you the space to explore meaningful issues. David and Marie’s unwavering empathy and compassionate, astute perceptions provide a safe, supportive environment for students to challenge themselves to create significant breakthroughs.

“The seminar is expertly organized without a dull moment. Dr. Wolf creates a safe environment in which I could explore my emotional needs and step out of a sometimes overly analytical approach to life. I am able to relate more meaningfully to loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances. Every attendee in my seminar was moved and awakened by this excellent experience.”

– Bob Cohen, Geologist

For Further Information Contact:

Annette Bonomo