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Excerpts from Dr. David Wolf’s workshop, Transformative Communication: A Foundation for Powerful Living, at the Master of Influence event in Palm Springs, California, on November 5, 2010. Transformative Communication

is an approach to self-realization founded in ancient wisdom, innovative yet simple communication strategies, and breakthrough transformational methods. Join David and the 1300+ participants as you get a glimpse into the power of conscious living that characterizes the Satvatove experience.


The first thing I would like to say is that I have attended personal growth and transformational seminars all over the country for the last thirteen years of life and nothing has touched me so deeply or assisted me so quickly in discovering deeply embedded patterns and also offering the tools or ‘the way out’. I feel that the intelligence that went behind developing the exercises in the exact sequence that they were presented is nothing short of ingenious. I felt really safe and supported by the environment that you create.

The most powerful moment for me was when you shared that the biggest roadblock to communication is stating: ‘I know that’. Hearing that allowed me to listen more vulnerably and openly than I normally or habitually would have, so I appreciate that. I also appreciate the suicide prevention segment, its important and felt important to me in that moment. I am not exactly sure what all the elements are that create such an impactful experience compared to all the other personal growth and spiritual awareness work I have done, but whatever it is please don’t ever stop doing it. 🙂

I also appreciate the ongoing ways that you provide for participants to be involved with Satvatove through coaching, further trainings and courses, etc… thanks for changing my life. Thanks for being here on Earth at this time. Both of your caring commitment to humanity and to God shines through like I have never seen and I have met many committed, loving, conscious people. I have never encountered anything like Satvatove before. How powerful. Thank you.”

Kylie Devi
Foundational Seminar – Florida March 2011


“I experienced the empowering David Wolf at a T. Harv Eker seminar last year, and I’m a totally changed person as a result. I bought his book and my communications with family and friends has been transformed. I used to argue with my Mom about me wanting to become a successful entrepreneur, and she wanting me to get a job, and just get by. Whenever we spoke about the issue of money there were massive amounts of anger. Now I’ve used David’s techniques and I’ve punctured that bubble. We have a completely new relationship. Thank you so much; it’s been a true blessing……Today I realized how different my communication is from just a short while ago, how I feel people’s energies and emotions and understand them…I can’t believe there was a time when I did not use these skills…It feels so natural (three months later), like a part of me. I now realize that I have two choices; love or fear. I can mirror with love, or shield with fear…It’s amazing to realize that I’ve lived so much of my life in fear. Thank God for you and personal growth. You’ve changed my life!”

Hugo Ljung



In the late 90s, after the first Satvatove Foundational Courses, we found that course graduates naturally continued their association with each other. Subsequent to the Advanced Courses, which began in 2002, this tendency showed itself even stronger, with seminar participants meeting together in-person and forming email conferences, long after the seminar experience had ended. The Life Mastery Program, started in 2004, was developed to provide a structure for this natural tendency towards a community of like-minded persons.

A Safe Environment

Perhaps the core attractive feature of the Satvatove seminars is the creation of a safe environment where participants feel safe and free to express themselves at a deep level of honesty. Naturally, we desire this sense of real community in our lives; it is not surprising that course participants are eager to maintain connection with each other. “Real community” refers to a high-trust environment where people feel safe to reveal their minds in confidence. In such an atmosphere conflicts are effectively addressed, not denied. Handling conflicts and tensions with high-level interpersonal skills, based on principles of compassionate, responsible communication, results in closeness, understanding, and intimacy.


Above we referred to “structure.” For some the term could evoke a sense of constraint or limit. Actually, appropriate structure offers the possibility of freedom and distinctive personal expression. Guidelines, parameters,

and ground rules are an integral element of the Foundational and Advanced Seminars. These structures don’t limit individual expression. Rather, they are a vibrant

aspect of the safe atmosphere that fosters unique and inspired expression, a more profound and authentic expression than many have previously experienced. As an analogy, the rules, or structure, of the road, are designed to assist us in achieving our goal, not to confine or stifle us.


Commitment is required to establish new, healthy, and effective habits and to discard former patterns that no longer serve our life purpose. In the seminars we say, “The course starts on Sunday evening [or whenever the seminar officially ends].” What happens in the seminar room is special and profound. More important is what happens in the days, months and decades following the seminar experience. Similarly with coaching, we often express that what happens between coaching sessions is more significant than what happens during the sessions. We’re interested not just in maintaining our realizations from the seminar, or the coaching sessions. We want to expand them so that they are ever-increasingly alive. It is deeply encouraging to hear from course graduates who took the seminars years ago about how they are applying the principles they absorbed and using the skills they learned more and more each year. In this way the seminar experience is a seed that grows and blossoms, making a powerful difference in lives, communities, and the world.


Active caring and support for one another is a crucial nutrient in the growth of that seed. They inspire the courage and determination for authentic living and for making the changes we desire. Of course, recognizing the formidable influence of association and environment is not contrary to full personal responsibility for our experience and the results in our life. We don’t blame our association or the lack of it, if things aren’t working out as we like in some area of our life. We accept responsibility. Neither does this mean that we blame ourselves. Responsibility means acknowledging that we responded, or didn’t respond, in certain ways, and that led to particular results and experiences. Often blame, and also wallowing in emotions such as guilt or shame, can be a means to avoid squarely examining our responsibility for our lives: past, present and future. Accepting responsibility for my life, I recognize how much association influences me. Thus, I commit to surrounding myself with people who are similarly dedicated to principles of personal growth, who will challenge and support me in forming strong character and a life of excellence, fulfillment, and remarkable achievement.

Satvatove Community

We invite you to connect with the Satvatove community in whatever way that inspires you. Consider reestablishing contact with people with whom you went through the Foundational or Advanced Seminars. In doing so, there may naturally be an element of nostalgia, reconnecting with your seminar connection. And, if we choose, we can create more than that in such interactions. We can move and inspire each other to reenergize our determination for fulfilling our vision, living and not being satisfied with surviving in mediocrity. Also, consider contacting Advanced Course graduates in your area and forming an LMP, creating a powerful structured environment as a springboard to new heights.

The seminar starts now. Let’s dedicate and rededicate ourselves to creating communities of vital, nourished, powerful individuals interacting from purpose, choice and joy, rather than from fear. We possess the capacity to generate value for each other, in each and every contact. Let’s inspire each other through life-enriching association, bringing alive discoveries and realizations from our Satvatove experience.


Excerpt From A Coaching Letter – By David B. Wolf

“What is the distinction between excellence & perfection?”

One distinction that occurs to me in reading the above is that between demanding perfection and striving for excellence. Demanding perfection assumes some external standard and definition of perfection. Such

a mentality, combined with ourselves and the world not conforming to this standard, is the source of a variety of distressing emotional and cognitive states. A consciousness of striving for excellence perceives perfection in the process of life itself as it unfolds and manifests, without needing to adhere to some externally defined conception of perfection. Striving for excellence is consistent with giving fully, be-do-have, and all the strategies for living. In such a consciousness we naturally support and challenge ourselves and others to ever-higher and deeper levels of character and performance. This is done from a platform of acceptance, joy and inspiration, not from a place of judgment, need or scarcity. In aspiring for excellence we naturally have expectations, though we are not emotionally attached to those expectations. Thus, our full and unconditional giving is not dependent on whether we or others meet those expectations. Whether the expectations are met or not, we’re not going to go into grungy resentment, hostility, hurt, etc. Rather, we continue to respond with compassion and with focus on personal growth for everyone.


Excerpt From Relationships That Work: The Power Of Conscious Living
– By David B. Wolf

To enrich understanding of our innate spiritual qualities, the principle of dharma is very helpful. Dharma refers to “that which cannot be separated from a thing.” Fire, for example, can be used for different purposes, such as cooking. Cooking however is not the dharma of fire, because fire can exist without cooking. Heat is the dharma of fire. Heat is an intrinsic, inseparable quality of fire.

From observation we can understand that our dharma is to serve. As sugar cannot avoid being sweet, so we too cannot avoid serving. It is our constitutional nature. Where there is a human being, there is service. We may direct our propensity to service in different directions; perhaps we serve our nation, family or company, our belly, an ideology or our species. The way in which

we manage our propensity to serve will greatly influence our experiences of life, and of ourselves.

If our inherent tendency to serve is applied only toward bodily functions, the spiritual self is left empty. Being spiritual, our nature is spiritual service. Spiritual service means that our endeavors enhance the spiritual lives of ourselves and others. One important principle of personal growth is to be a source for the spiritual development of others. Service is the natural activity that evokes the joy of the soul.

For our service to be complete and satisfying, it needs to address the spirit—the driver of the car. Spiritual growth is not an exercise in self-absorption; it involves determined dedication to the highest aspirations of others. We can think of our spiritual core as the root of the tree of our being. Just as watering or serving the root automatically nourishes all parts of the tree, attending to our spirit nurtures each dimension of our selves—including the physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Truly being of service to others means relating to them as essentially spiritual in nature.


“Thank you so much, David and Marie, for another transformational experience. I had such a moving, impactful weekend, and I treasure the insights I gained. My second time round, I gained even more personal growth than the first.”
Maria Carter – musician and writer

Foundational seminar – Florida July 2010


“There is a distinction between living and surviving. Spiritually based personal growth entails a commitment to living, rather than mere surviving. Surviving is reactive.”

David B Wolf, Relationships That Work

From Stephanie

“… the personal growth that I received from the seminar has been rewarding. I have a new sense of strength with my voice. I feel I have the ability to become more clear, confident and connected with the relationships I want to improve on.”

Stephanie Faust – dental assistant
Satvatove, Advanced Seminar Experience, 2010

Giving & Receiving

Excerpt From A Coaching Letter Written By David B Wolf

… Sometimes we specifically make a distinction between receiving and taking. In taking we drain energy. We can even appear to be giving, and doing it in a way that drains energy. If we are truly open to receive what someone else has to give, then this receiving is a way of giving, because it enriches relationship, energizes all involved. If we are closed down to such receiving, then we stifle the energy of the relationship. It is important that we continually receive. That is a part of personal growth. Receiving the gifts of others, in the form of affection, caring, challenge, etc., we fill ourselves up with “medicine”, and thereby we consistently are filled with love to give in our lives. With regard to giving, if we are giving from the right place, we will be inspired. If we find our giving efforts give rise to resentment, tiredness, feeing drained, then probably are giving is mixed with a taking consciousness …

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